Casio Exilim Hybrid-GPS (EXH20G) Camera

Casio Hybrid GPS

Casio Hybrid GPS

At the Casio booth, they showed off the EX-H20G Hybrid-GPS camera. This is a 14.1- that will track your location inside buildings or other places where no GPS signals can be received. Casio is calling this hybrid-GPS. The hybrid tracking is performed by a three-way and a three-way direction sensor.

The camera also has over 10,000 world-wide programmed into the camera for locating . This allows you to see how far you are from the nearest landmark.

Other features of the camera are: 24 – 240 mm wide-angle zoom lens; 360-degree panoramic image mode, and h.264 formatted video.

Available now for $349

Interview by Tom Newman of Fogview Podcast

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