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American Red Cross

American Red Cross

Yesterday I got an talking about the Japan Earthquake. Of course, it talked about a company that helps deliver the message to help your fellow brother in Japan. It then had a link that said it went to the Red Cross, but the link inside was a completely different url.

Therefore, I decided to make a 20 second promo talking about these dangers. These emails turn out to be phishing for . Unfortunately, they can get thousands of dollars before the emails stop. It can be a profitable business.

That is why is the most important in stopping this travesty. If you don’t click on it, you don’t get scammed.

I had if I was to click on that email link, it would have went to a site that looked like the Red Cross. If I would have made a donation, I would have given a criminal money to continue.

The best word of advice: DON’T go via an email (or website for that matter) link. Open up your browser and type That way you are safe in knowing the money you donate will be sent to the Red Cross so they can help more people.

Better yet, get involved with the Red Cross by going down to the local office and donating blood or money that way.

If you are donating to another , the same idea applies. Type in the url in a browser and go directly to the organization’s website. Call the up and definitely check to see if they are a organization with proper credentials.

Let’s not get scammed by those who don’t care.

I made a 20 second promo. Feel free to download and use where you think necessary.


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