DPA d:fine Headset Microphones – NAB 2014

DPA d:fine Headset

DPA d:fine

I am always looking for a good to create content with. Recently I ditched the big for most of my video content with a headset mic. I might just be switching again as I checked out the DPA Microphones d:fine series.

The d:fine headsets have one big advantage over some of the others on the market – the earpiece isn’t a solid piece of metal. In fact, the DPA d:fine has an interesting curly-q design (I was calling a pig tail). The flexible hook allows to go over anybody’s ear comfortably.

Get DPA d:fine microphones at

You can get the d:fine series in 4088 directional or 4066 omnidirectional capsules. The boom arm is completely adjustable and removeable from the ear mount and cable. What this does is allows you to easily adjust the boom (even move the boom from left ear to right with minimal adjustment) or completely dismantle the device if you need to replace the cable. The d:fine series uses a mini-XLR cable so a wireless adapter is needed. However you will be able to get a full range of adapters including 1/8″, XLR, Sony 1/8″ connector (for wireless systems), 4-pin mini XLR, and more.

You can get the d:fine in a single ear or double ear headset. Of course get both, then switch them out when needed. The series comes in multiple colors if you want to try and hide the microphone to a skin tone or even make the microphone stand out (which there is a lime green version).

Prices range from $550 – $800. For more information, check out DPAMicrophones.com

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