Ecovacs Robotic Window Cleaner Scale Glass to Clean



If you own a building – especially one that has multiple floors – it can get hard and dangerous to clean windows. But not anymore as Ecovacs are here. Ecovacs is a Chinese company that produces cleaning products for multiple use. Now one that cleans the windows.

Winbot is an interesting cleaner. It works on the same magnetic connection as some name badges you see have. The two halves separate, then adjoin back together on a window pane. One moves around and both of them clean the window in a pattern that will not leave streaks.

You would have to be able to connect both parts on the window, so sealed glass on the 100th floor might not work. However, if you have a storefront, or a 2 story house, it can do the without you getting on a ladder. It even works with multi-pane glass.

Ecovacs are looking for distributors, but will be available later this year for around $399. Ecovacs also makes other robotic vacuums that are in millions of homes in Asia.

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