Ford: Power Of Choice – John Davis Talks C-MAX Hybrid, C-MAX Electric

Part three of this 5 part video series, Ford Chief Nameplate Engineer talks about the and . Where do you go or what do you do with fuel efficiency. Key elements to differentiate and make a that is fun to drive.

John talks about who the C-MAX would be for. These are people that are interested in adopting new automotive technologies. They are active in their communities, but also want a smaller footprint.

Ford C-MAX

Ford C-MAX

The C-Max, using the Lithium Ion batteries, will give over 500 miles of overall driving capability – Hybrid and Electric. You can charge at 110V, with short times, so it can charge faster overnight than the Chevy Volt.

The will be greater than the Toyota Prius. Ford is also expected to receive the Advanced Technologies Partial Zero Emissions vehicle (ATPZE). With the power split technology, one will get better range, better speeds (highway) and greater use.

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