The Freemont Street Experience – Las Vegas, NV

Freemont Street - Golden Nugget and Binion

Freemont Street – Golden Nugget and Binions

You may have been to the strip in , but have you ever been ? Freemont street is another famous area of Vegas and some of the older casinos reside here. I am staying at the Plaza on this trip for CES and decided to show you what happens in this area of Vegas.

Binions, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget, Pioneer club and many other older casinos line this street. The street itself dates back to 1905 and any TV show or movie in the 60’s and 70’s would show scenes from this historic street.

Freemont street is the host to one of the largest monitors on the earth. It spans a few blocks and runs videos every half hour. Called the Space Frame, the illuminated roof of the street is a sight to see as it overshadows the bright lights of the casinos around.

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