Jill-e Computer Bags with Fashion, Jack Bags for Men

Jill-e Bags

Jill-e Bags

Jill Wight from Jill-e came on the Live coverage. Jill-e sells stylish and fashionable bags for women.

Of course, bags are getting more complex. After all, you have to carry a phone, computer, camera, and more. They want to get in, grab and go. That is why Jill-e bags are great – the compartments allow you to find it and grab. The divders are even adjustable.

If the fashion of the day changes, then the bag can change with it. You can replace the design of the bag. Just remove the cover and replace.

Guys – Jill-e also makes a case called Jack. These bags are in leather messenger style.

There are of bags, clutches and more. All bags are under $100 with cover plates . The clutch is $19.99. Jack leather bags start at $239.

Interview by Esbjorn Larsen

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