Make Payments with Your Cell: Bling it with Bling Nation Tag

Bling Nation

Bling Nation

Businesses want to keep costs low while giving continuing customers loyalty rewards. That is where Bling Nation comes in. will get an FC tag which they will put on the back of their phones. When you tap the tag to the register, you instantly paid for the item.

Cash, credit or Paypal. Social media rewards are redeemable, too. And most important, it doesn’t matter if you have an , Android, , or whatever. As long as you can SMS on your phone, you can Bling, too!

To sign up, just go to their website (which is a Facebook page). Connect to Bling on Facebook, register your mobile number and get the BlingTag at participating stores.

Then it’s time to Bling!

Important Editorial Note: I do not see any accepted or other Financial company backing. The service does run through a social network with no real mention of  security. Further, the terms of agreement include receiving “Coupons via SMS” that you cannot opt out without deactivating the service. Before using Bling Tag, please read through their FAQ and Agreement for more information.

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