Shaq on Twitter, Beam Personal Assistant – SXSW 2013

Shaq at the Blogger Lounge

Shaq at the Blogger Lounge

It’s the last day of my coverage. I started the day with 16 floors above Austin. We learned about an analytics took that included Tumblr. From there I stopped by the blogger lounge where I found my friend Calvin won a . What was really funny was the fact he took a few pictures with it, someone from Samsung saw it and awarded him a Galaxy Tab 2. , Calvin!


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I stopped in another session – this one asking if Podcasting needed a reboot. The show had , Roman Mars, Jesse Thorn and Helen Zaltzman. The group talked monitization, if Listeners are plateauing, Challenges and opportunities and What a podcast reboot looks like.

Calvin Lee and his new Samsung devices

and his new Samsung devices

Then it was back to the Blogger lounge as Shaquille O’Neil stopped by. He talked about how he got on and how he remembers when SXSW was music only. A pretty good discussion on his takes on social media.

I went down to the Expo to see what was new. A lot of the same from last year but I did get to meet – the guy. I interviewed two people that were not even in . Beam is the company and they make moving personal assistants.

FInally I took a walk around 6th street to catch some of the night life SXSW offers.

Matthew Lesko and me

Matthew Lesko and me

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