TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon Recap

I got into at about 10 AM and headed right to the event. have been working over the last 24 hours. I am sad I couldn’t get to watch them in action but happy I got to see the end results during the .

The itself was well done. They only had 60 seconds to present and the MCs kept them to that – only giving extra time to technical issues. Some presenters were well oiled machines while others didn’t do that well. A couple presented a pitch but didn’t show a product. In a Hackathon you have to show your work at the end.

I heard some tweets where presenters were not allowed to show their because of the rating of their presentation. This was to avoid the problems from last year presentations.

There are several winners depending on which API they programmed for. Some got iPad minis. Others got jobs or prize money.


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So we went through a lot of hacks. Here were the list of those I liked:

  • Youmixer – Get a party mix
  • Which beers – Identify your
  • The motivator – sensor in the dumbbell
  • – picture sourcing
  • It gone rain – have Ollie tell you the weather
  • Send email to [email protected]
  • Loudmic – turn phone into wireless mic
  • Hacklist – sell those previous hackathon ideas
  • Makers – find creators
  • Urban – oculus rift app for urban designers
  • Employee appreciation – note what employees are doing to reward
  • Anonymous like – like questionable pages
  • Socceropia – scoring challenge app

It Gon Rain, Tacobell, and Wisconsin were runners up to the Hackathon. The Winner is:

3. MixTape

2. Indulge

1. VRban

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