txtBlocker Stops Texts, Facebook, Phone Calls While Driving



Can’t keep that phone down? Stop the employees from wrecking the company van? Want to make sure the kids are focusing on the road rather than their newest BFF’s drama? txtBlocker is the answer.

txtBlocker simply blocks the when the person is driving. There are two components – an administrative side (website) and an application on the phone. It will block Facebook, txts, other programs (and some phone calls) when the phone is in motion over a certain speed.

txtBlocker uses GPS and triangulation to detect movement. Over 15 miles will get blocked. If the phone is in a “Blocked area”, the phone will also get blocked to anything but emergency numbers.

It’s available on Android and . will be available now. You can get it through the website, but you can also go to to purchase.

Interview by Andrew McCaskey of RV News Net

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