TechCrunch Disrupt SF: Day One Highlights 9-12-11

Day one in was a very productive one. I got to the Disrupt grounds around 9 am where took the stage and talked with venture capitolists. Of course, his big news was that he was no longer with TechCrunch, and the shirt that read “Unpaid Blogger” confirmed it.

was where I focused my attention to. Around 100 startups with great product in many categories abound. From for musicians, to Evoz for baby monitoring. We talked with – which is more than a contact management tool, to viewbix – an add-on that places communication options next to the video.

and I logged in about 40 videos yesterday for some great companies, and even some startups we cannot talk about yet.

The biggest news I got to interview was our friends over at teamed up with Motor Company to put modularization into the car. The idea is simple – you have an old system and want to upgrade, you get a modular dongle to switch it out. Want to add a feature? You get the connection, plug it in. Their announcement is still in concept, but I have a feeling by 2013, we’ll see some awesome new ways you can keep your car current.

The evening parties provided networking opportunities abound, although I took the evening networking with old friends.

An amazing first day with some great video up soon!

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