My 1 Share of Facebook Stock Came Today


Why I bought one share of stock

Yes, last week, I bought 1 share of Facebook stock. The replica stock came in the today. I was pretty happy with the purchase, and I can say I was a first gen Facebook stock buyer. It’s all about novelty, but if this stock does well, novelty can turn to profit.

Why I bought 1 share of Facebook

Like I said on Geek Smack! last week – I bought it for novelty. I was too young to purchase Apple or Microsoft stock when they issued their . I didn’t buy Yahoo! stock (thank god!) or stock when they filed. I didn’t even buy Packer stock yet. So when an event like Facebook has a stock offering, I decided to be a 1st Gen owner.

The reality: I can lose $38. Actually, it was more for the replica . But still – If this stock was to drop to the floor, I would only be out the price of one share.

The reality of this stock value – it will go up.

After a great conversation with yesterday, I feel a lot better about my one share appreciating. If you look at all the concerns, it’s really about how Facebook is not ready to appease stock holders. The mobile version of Facebook doesn’t have ads. Big companies like GM have even dropped Facebook advertising from their budgets.

But that is the current state of ads on Facebook. By the end of this summer, they will have a better advertising system in place. It will span . Most important, it will make money.

Could Facebook Tank?

Facebook share

My One Share of Facebook stock showed up today.

, ya! There are many different ways Facebook could hit rock bottom. If was to leave, Facebook might go stagnant. If someone was to make a social network that surpassed what Facebook was doing, then yes – Facebook could start to struggle. If a major was brought upon Facebook, or their servers were down for more than 7 days – Facebook is done.

But the probability of that happening is low. Facebook is on the lips of over 700,000 people, 100,000 businesses and is a part of your daily life. You turn on the TV, you are asked to like something. Pick up a paper and you are asked to head to a companies’ page.

What about that ad from esurance that talks all about Facebook and their relationship status? It’s a trend that continues to grow, and continues to thrive.

What I hope happens to the stock

I hope it splits within the first year. Then I’ll have 2 shares of stock. It shoots up to $100 a share, I’ll have $100. If that stock splits, then goes to $100, I’ll have $200.

Look at Apple history. The stock split in 1987, 2000 and 2004. If I would have bought one share in 87, I would have 8 shares at $562. A long time to wait for $1500, but well worth it. Microsoft split 9 times since their start, turning one share into 512 shares and netting someone $14,878 (not to mention a whole bunch of dividends). Cisco would have given a one shareholder $8600.

So one share of Facebook might become $1000. As they say on Storage Wars – I’ll take that deal all day. But still, it will be a great conversational piece, like that one share of Packer stock so many people have sitting on their walls.

The Ultimate Social Network Shootout

This is the Hangout on air Scoble did on Friday, May 25th.

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