iShower: Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker from iDevices – CES 2012


Jonathan Conelias from iDevices joined the Live show to talk about the iShower. This is a speaker that mounts in your shower, , or other area where water can get in.

The iShower has all the buttons, including a Bluetooth . You can connect over two hundred feet away. iShower remembers up to 5 Bluetooth pairings, enabling different users to enjoy while getting clean.

There is no in the speaker, so you cannot take calls.If the phone does ring, the volume will drop to 0 (until ringing stops). Smartphone, Macbook, Tablet or other items – anything with Bluetooth enabled iShower will pair.

The iShower is simple to install. There are additional options to the iShower. There is a $99 price point, and the device will be available in March.

Interview by Andy of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.


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