LifeStation Managed Pill Box Helps with Medication Compliance – CES 2012


LifeStation is a pill box that will let you know it’s time to take your . It’s a web-based tool that will inform people if someone doesn’t take their . The pill box will start to blink on the that it’s time to take. If you don’t take it in time, it will begin to beep. After a while, it will then notify care-givers, so they can check in on you. If the user tampers with the box, the care-giver will be notified. It’s ready for travel with a inside. The pill box had compartments for up to 4 doses a day and once full holds a week’s worth of pills. Prices start at $50 a month for a subscription, with Medic-aid possible. In tests, the pill box got a compliance of up to 92%. Interview by from Promed Network talks with David from LifeStation. For more information go to or [cessponsor]

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