Cyberjustice: The Raisley Case, a Cautionary Tale

has a story of a bizarre cyber-feud. It’s a story of involving dirty tricks, , divorce, broken families, and, ultimately, a likely jail term. An excerpt:

The two reclusive experts staged their vicious fight on a cyberspace battlefield, each intent on the other’s destruction.

One, who has built a career out of creating false Web personas, lured his adversary into an adulterous “affair” with a fictitious online lover, a humiliating hoax he broadcast across the Internet.

His , a software programmer formerly of Western Pennsylvania, retaliated by unleashing a worldwide .

But it was a short-lived victory for Bruce Raisley, 48, who had lived in Monaca, near Pittsburgh.

On Wednesday, a federal jury found that Raisley’s vengeance turned criminal when he launched a program that directed about 100,000 computers to attack websites that republished stories detailing his sad saga, . . .

The internet is a public place. Everything someone does leaves a trail.

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