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Get Paid to Write for Geekazine

Of course, last week we read about AOL buying Huffington Post. The big fail news was all those volunteer bloggers didn’t get a dime for their help in building this website. It’s sad, but it’s also a fact of life.

You blog for free, you get what comes to you.

Well, we at Geekazine, Dorkazine and Sportazine want you to write for us. And we’re willing to pay you – if we get bought out.

How Our Pay Model Works (If Geekazine gets bought out)

As a Pro-bono writer, each article acts as a percentage to 25% of Geekazine. As an editor, each article edited acts as a percentage of an additional 10%. Finally, admins will get a split of an additional 5% (even split). A grand total of 40% of purchase price (minus production costs) could be paid out to loyal writers.

It is all based on what you write, review and administer. Editors are also writers and admins are also editors and writers. Therefore, every article you write will count toward that 25%. If you wrote 10 out of 1000 articles, then you will get .1 percent of 25%.  If an editor writes 100 articles and edits 100 (cannot be their own articles) out of 1000 articles, they will get 1 percent of the writer’s 25% and 1% of the editor’s 10%. If admins write 100 articles, edit 100 articles and are one of 5 admins, they would get 1% of the writer’s 25%, 1% of editor’s 10% and the additional 5% would get split between the 5 admins.

It sounds confusing, but every writer, editor and admin would get paid accordingly to the work they do. Therefore, we all win!

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Of course, we must protect with . Therefore:

Pay model price structure is set after any debts Geekazine owes are fulfilled. 40% of remaining purchase price would be split as mentioned previously. You must be an active for Geekazine (articles written within 6 months). Active editors and admins would get payment (inactive after 6 months).  If you officially quit or terminated, you officially forfeit your article counts.

Geekazine has the ability to pull or adjust this model accordingly. Upon final purchase price, each writer, editor and admin must come up with their own article counts 60 days after final sale. Disputed article counts will be moderated by a 3rd party company.

Writers, editors and admins must also provide proper tax documentation (W2 in the US) and an active paypal account to receive payment. Payment would be sent via electronic banking (currently Paypal).

So if you want to write for Geekazine, send me an email at geekazine at gmail dot com or Twitter me @geekazine.

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