Chris Pirillo asks – Are you a Failure? Geekazine’s 1000th post

So I have been contemplating what I should write about for the 1000th post. I was going through my regular motions: Getting the top 5 things you should know ready. I knew that I would find something, just not when or where. If anything, the 5 tech things would be the 1000th post.

Then I stumbled up on Chris Pirillos site: In there he gave the best article I have read in a while. It wasn’t a literary masterpiece, but it did do something that I always say is the best thing to do.


When I started Geekazine, I was driven on . I had just finished listening to a speaker at a local 2 day event. She really wasn’t that great a speaker, but she said 3 words that I have stuck with for the last 2 years. Find your .

So now this article comes along and I am back in the same mode I was 2 years ago when she said Passion. Except it’s a new word.


Chris talks about an article he came across. It goes something like this:

If you are actively pursuing your dreams, you’ve probably already experienced some level of failure. The great thing about failure is that it just means you’re not there yet, not that you won’t get there. Wear your failure on your sleeve as a badge of honor!


Matthew Lesko

It goes on to say “Successful people fail”. That is true. I remember hearing Matthew Lesko (the guy with the question marks all over his suit) say that he failed (2 businesses that turned sour on him) until he realized he was a failure. Then he got successful. He accentuated the uStream conversation by putting a big “L” on his forhead. He said that once you accept the L, then you may just succeed.

Therefore, I am a Failure. I am proud to wear that badge. I have been working on multiple podcasts for 3-4 years. I have set up a few websites including Geekazine (of course), Dorkazine, TVazine, (maybe) Sportazine (if I can get some time),,, the defunct (link to internet archive), etc.

I would like to thank everyone in helping me become a failure. I would like to thank Frank for posting some of the 1000 articles on Geekazine. I would like to thank Todd Cochrane for having a network to help me with my Failure. I would like to thank Andy McCaskey for helping me out of the tough times where I felt too much like a failure.

I would like to thank all the people I interviewed in the last 2 years – 999 posts and almost 300 collective podcasts, with about 200 videos.

For the last 2 years I kept telling peoplethat I help – If you win, I win. Well, I was wrong on that. I think the better thing to say is: If you fail, then I fail.

Thanks to everyone for reading this 1000th post on Geekazine. I plan to do another 1000.

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