Ford Traffic Tamer App Challenge to Help Reduce Road Congestion

ford-traffic-tamerOver the years, I have talked with K. Venkatesh Prasad about Ford’s open source initiative. Today, I was invited to talk with the group over a Google Hangout on the Traffic Tamer app challenge. This is a contest for the open source community to help mash data up and open streets. The challenge is to build hardware and software that can help reduce congestion in urban areas.

Whether it be an app that avoids a traffic incident, a reroute if there is a situation, community ride sharing or another new idea, you will be able to submit for a chance at $10,000.

Anyone can register. Maybe you are not a coder — that is OK. Put an idea together and post your ideas. You can find others that might also are interested in the idea and could turn it to reality.

Ford also works with TechShop to help build ideas. This is a resource you can use to help submit your plan.

When ready, submit the idea with demonstration video and access to the app. You must demonstrate the app to be working.

Judges include:

  • Andreas W. Schäfer – Professor of Energy and Transport – University College London
  • Saul Klein – Partner – Index Ventures
  • Paul Mascarenas – Chief Technical Officer and Vice President – Ford Research and Innovation
  • Rich Brown – Manager – Advanced Product Group & Business Planning, Ford Motor Company
  • Mark Higbie – Instigator | Advisor – Ford Motor Company
  • Desire Athow – Editor – Tech Radar Pro
  • Chris Hall – Editor Pocket-Lint

Ford uses the Open XC platform, an open source API that runs Arduino and Android. There is no specific API, SDK or other integration to submit, just as long as it resolves the issue of congestion.

Why London? Does it Have to Be London Specific?

Prasad mentioned that London worked best because it has land, transit and water solutions. London also has a hold of their traffic situations which you can work with for your project. You don’t need to use road guidelines of the UK, as long as it can eventually translate for you to use.

The contest runs until the end of February. Find out more at

Also, check out the interview with K. Venkatesh Prasad which details more

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