Geekazine April Fooleries

There was a post on Friday for a “Big announcement”. It was suppose to be something fun with another site, but then the stepped in and said “NO”. Therefore we had to nix the idea. I tried working with a similar site, but their PR area thought it might affect “Stock prices”, therefore we had to scrap the idea.

Instead, I went for Subtlty. If you noticed on the page, we made a slight alteration to the title. Of course you cannot see it now: I did take a .

googlazineI also did a Podcast with Andy McCaskey of We basically swapped podcasts. It was a lot of fun to do another show and learn how he plans and prepares for podcasts. Thanks Andy for being part of that experience.

Dorkazine had a different angle to it – A post stating that they were planning a , then caught word another site was doing the same thing. Therefore they scrapped it and stayed in.

Last years joke about the still gets people going. Interestingly enough, I had it enter back up in the ranks of stories this year.

Thanks for all the comments on the podcast and the site. As always, we had fun having fun. Can’t wait til next year. Better start planning…

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