Google Glass is Back – Unboxing of my RMA Google Glass

I have already gone through 2 pair of Glass. The first pair – the died. The second pair started acting wonky, but I believe it was a bad power button.

Hopefully this pair won’t burn down, fall over then sink into the .

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Google Glass RMA Box

Google Glass RMA Box

The RMA Process of Google Glass

There are two ways you can get your broken pair of Glass fixed:

  1. RMA (Return Manufacturer

With the RMA – they send you a box, you send the broken pair of glass back. This is all done via . So expect the transaction to take as long as 15 . Once you get your pair back, you will have to log onto the MyGlass portal and setup the new pair. You will also have to connect to Wifi so you can get the current Glass update (XE8).

With the Credit Card Authorization – This is much simpler. You need a credit card with $1,500 on it. They put a hold on that $1,500, then send your replacement pair to you. You remove the new pair of Glass, then put the broken pair in the RMA box and send back.

If you don’t send back the broken pair, they will charge your credit card the $1,500.

Will this 3rd Pair of Glass Break Down?

Most people haven’t had this problem with their Glass. They have been using it since they got their pair. I actually feel a little more empowered because I have a couple thoughts on what they should fix on Glass.

For one thing – why is the power button up against the temple of the head? I would think  this button would work better on the bottom-side of Glass, slightly away from the USB charger. Speaking of which…

Can We Get a Cap for the ? I think a to keep this port from getting dirty or wet might be a good idea.

OK Glass – Forward – Back. When the touchpad died, I had no except the on the top. I could sometimes get to the main screen – If I had more voice commands, I could say something like “OK Glass, Main Menu, Settings, Report Problem” or something like that.

Report Problem with Glass. This would be a very useful screen in the settings. It could then send a message to Glass saying you are having a problem. It could even send a log file that might give Google an idea of what’s happening.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Anything you would like to add to this list? Did your pair of Google Glass break and you had to return? Let me know the situation @geekazine

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