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When I started going to conventions and other live events 4 years ago, I never expected having so much fun. Packing the bags with heavy equipment, hoping TSA won’t confiscate my luggage, waking up at 7 am and going to bed at 4 am does not sound like a fun job. Spending hours of time editing and posting , while still trying to keep a literary head also doesn’t sound too much fun, either.

Special Media Feed Kickstart Program

Special Media Feed Kickstart Program

But I do like to do it. It brings a level of accomplishment. Whether going out to and getting interviews from social media pros, or attending a local convention like Midwest Gaming Classic to get interviews and demonstrations.

So here I am, four years later. Hundreds of videos alone – thousands in joint venture with others.

Yet there are so many shows I haven’t covered yet. ComicCon in Los Angeles for 2012, in Austin. More local and Midwest events in technology and Geek (like Geek.Kon). Podcamps and more.

What is ?

Kickstarter is a website that gives people and groups opportunity to look for funding for their projects. Whether its a video, band album, startup project or more. Setting a goal and getting people behind their project

Many different projects have come to Kickstarter to look for assistance. I personally have helped fund a couple in the past. It’s good to know that I helped someone else find their dreams and passions.

How You Can Help with Special Media Feed

I am hoping to increase my schedule of shows to not only those in the technology and social media genres, but also to expand and learn more about the word “Geek”. There are many different shows that encompass this word. From Makerfaires, to technology conventions, gaming expos and comic and animation fests.

You might look at the final goal and think that it’s a high one. But the reality is, going to one show can cost a lot. This last year alone, I have put in several thousand dollars for travel and video upgrades. This next year I hope to  not only head to new events, but also will need help with camera work and post-production.

Sponsoring the Special Media Feed starts at $5. To find out more, go over to




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