Geek Smack! #191: Google+ vs Facebook – Fight of the Century


Geek Smack! – This week’s episode of Smack! Happy post- 4th of July all. Hope you had your share of burgers and blowin stuff up. It’s been a thin weekend of news because everyone has been salivating over a new Social Network. Still, we have a full show of Smack for you, so here it is. Do you like the new format? Take my small survey and let me know!

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Geek Smack! Tech News:

Obama is NOT Dead
-Twitter account hacked. Twitter is a great place for information, but a news event like this will hit everywhere if true.
Verizon Dropping Unlimited
– Beware of the unlimited plan. There is no such thing anymore.
Mobile Payments to Triple by 2015
– No wonder – we are moving to a mobile lifestyle.
Nap Time on Wifi Could Save Battery Life
– Duke University student asks why can’t the wifi “Take a nap” to save battery life?
Skype 5.2 for Mac Arrives
– Video conferencing for Mac users!
RUMOR: Apple Ships Lion ‘Gold Master’
NEW SEGMENT – Geek Smack! Dubbed
Apple Orders 15 million iPhone 5s
– Expected to have A5 chips and a 8 MP camera.
Toshiba Glasses Free 3D laptop
– $2100 for this powerful notebook.
Cisco Supplies Snooping Gear for China
-500,000 cameras will go into Congquing, China
Phone Data to Analyze Traffic Shutdown
– Your tracking data put to good use.
The First Person to live 150 years is Alive Now
For some reason, I missed this article. It’s a great read – we are getting older with better care. There is expected to be one person in the world that will live to the age of 150.

QOTW: Will you be exodusing to Google+?

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Music Geeks: FaderFox LV3 Live Controller
– A great little controller for tracks. Completely programmable. £250
Green: T-shirt Charges through Ambient Sound
– Speakers turn sound 80db or higher into energy. A rock concert could charge your phone
Dr. Who: TARDIS Soap Gets You Clean
– TARDIS soap is only $16.50
Camera: Frankesteintax: 1917 Kodak Camera on DLSR
– Great Steampunk project
Gamer: Cheap Video Games for Summer Drought
– RNR Mongoose makes some recommendations as to what video games to play again.
Hygene: Darth Hairdryer
– Feel Darth Vader’s breath as your hair gets dry.
Eco: Get a Species Named After You
– For $2,500 you can get a species named after you. Could there be a “Geekazine” species in the future?
: Get the Prototype iPhone 4
– When we checked, the ebay auction was taken down.

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: Google+ and Battle

Google+ launches, Yet Mark Zuckerberg is on the top of the most followed list to Google+. Could it be because he has 4 profiles? Michael Jackson has a profile. The limited beta is still in effect at this point and so far so good. Some people are ready to exodus Facebook, but there is one issue – Google+ is still in beta. How soon will it be before it turns into Facebook?

Facebook Wars? Facbook blocks Google+ Exporter tool – That is not a surprise. It’s someone else’s personal data. As long as Facebook doesn’t block any import tool to my pictures, video and posts.

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