Am I Drunk? Where’s My iPod?

I have seen and heard of many devices that will tell you what your Blood Alcohol Level is. From the machine you have sitting next to the gumballs at the front of the bar asking for 50 cents to tell you, to small devices that work off a watch . Breathe and hope you are not past the limit.

Now you can add your iPod to that.

David Steele Enterprises announced they are shipping the iBreath – a device that attaches to your iPod or and tells you if you are over the legal limit to drive. And that’s not all! The device also doubles as a , so you can push your iPod music to your .

Here is how it works – You extend the , press a button, count to 10, then breathe in the for ten seconds and wait for a result. In the meantime, you can set up your iPod to play some good elevator music for your ride home.

While it’s always good to know where you stand in your drinking habits, this device should be called a Radio Transmitter with a Blood Alcohol meter. The Breathalyzers’ only need from the iPod is to get power to run the device. It would have been cool to have some program attached that might record your Blood Alcohol Level so you can review your trends.

One thing to think about when you check your own Blood Alcohol level – you might breath above the legal limit when you walk out the bar, but that last drink might not have soaked into your system. Therefore, if the stops you, you say “I am legal – my iPod told me so”, then you breathe into their to find out that aint so.

It’s a good gauge as to where you are in your drinking levels and the item does have a dual function. If the Blood Alcohol level was the only thing, then you might just want to get one that attaches to your keychain, or pay the 50 cents at the front of the bar.

I can’t say how the FM Tuner works – I have had FM tuners that worked really well and others that do nothing but make noise. Still, I would get the item simply because of the FM Tuner with an extra feature of a B.A.C. checker. Then again, for $20 each I can get the transmitter and the keychain breathalyzer separate and save myself $40 dollars.

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