Amazon Fire TV: What This Streaming Device Needs to Win

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Did you get fooled today? Lots of April Fools jokes out there, so make sure you read through the whole article before you buy into it.

Finished all the SXSW videos this last week except for one (and there is a reason why – more later). Now it’s time to get ready for NAB! I’ll be heading out on Friday.

Last night was a laid back one for TWIGG. Luke and I talked about Android Wearables and how that affects Google Glass. We also debuted Chroma-key shirt, and debuted the Glass app – Beetlejuice. Download the code here


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Geek Smack: Amazon Getting into the Streaming Box. What Does it Need to do for People to Buy?

Just the other day, I got an email from a viewer stating they are having problems watching on their Wii. I directed them to the streaming devices out there, which they replied they only need it for , because that is all they watch.

Hopefully Amazon will heed that information in their new Streaming box.

Tomorrow, Amazon will be announcing their entrance into the box market. Their will obviously run Amazon movies and TV, but will it do more to appease the Netflix or Hulu audiences?

It really needs to.

Although Roku has over 1,000 different channels and games, their bread and butter really relies on three apps – Netflix, Amazon and HuluPlus. Apple has , yet they also have these three apps on their device. And even though channels like Plex, ESPN and HBO-Go are nipping at the heels, if it were not for these three apps, many set top boxes and game consoles wouldn’t be purchased.

Yes – game consoles. I only have a XBox360 for the channel content.

From the rumors I’ve seen, I believe Amazon is going to be able to run all that, and more. I would even venture a guess this streaming box would be running a version of Kindle . So should we call it “Kindle TV”? Update – it was called “Fire TV”

The Amazon streaming device might also allow for your purchased music to be played, along with a possible “Radio” feature – such as iTunes Radio offers. And expect to read a book or have an Audible book read to you with this service. Something the other devices don’t do. Perfect for family time, or a nighttime read.

And the ads? Yes. They’ll be there. If we apply Amazon thinking, I bet there will be two versions of the box – one with on-screen ads when nothing is playing, and one without. There will also be ad-supported streaming options, including some way to purchase through your Prime account and get to your doorstep by drone, or two day shipping.

As for price, this streamer will most likely have to stick to the other set top boxes and not go over $100, otherwise it may be doomed. We might see a higher price – maybe $175 – $200 – which would include one year Prime membership. Anything more expensive and you might not get the customer appeal.

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