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I am officially a Google Helpouts mentor. You can ask me questions not only about Podcasting, but also help with Wirecast. Last night’s TWIGG was awesome collection of news. We talked about XE11, surgeons on Glass and more. I have officially moved TWIGG to its own channel – you can now find at . Was in Tucson last week for Techonomy13. Awesome sessions from many people. Tony Hsiesh was the most prolific, as he talked about moving the company into Vegas and the change from shoes to much more. TPN Crowdfund is still going. T-shirts are great stocking stuffers!


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Geek Smack! episode 282 Tech News:

They Knew? 
– Obamacare website was doomed from the start?
Blocking Abusive Images
– Google and Microsoft join forces to get illegal images offline
Google Maps Dead Teen
– Google works to retake photos of Richmond, CA after dad asks Google to remove dead teens body.
– Share files without wireless signals?
Python Back?
– Cast from Monty Python announces they are reuniting
$8 billion
– Dropbox says they are worth 8 billion dollars and making updates including a size increase for using their new mail service.
Tallest Waterslide
– Kansas City building largest water slide that will have you in a 60 MPH free-fall

Geekedia of the Week

Pre-order of Jobs

Geek Smack! Geek News

Fake Poop
– the Gates Foundation is making the toilet of the future. For that, they need fake poop
FreedomPop Expands

– You can now get Sprint phones with the FreedomPop service
Aereo Sport Problems
– MLB and NFL are threatening to limit sports shows
Virtual Currencies
– Wait. There are BITCOIN EXPERTS?
Yahoo! Encrypts
– Service says they will encrypt all data sent through their systems by the End of Month
Social Media Overshare
– Jack Vale uses social media to find people in the area and freak them out a bit
Winter Wonderlab
– Google creates pop-up stores to showcase their products

Geek Smack: How YouTube is Changing. Is it for the Good or Bad?

Last night I moved This Week in Google Glass to it’s own YouTube channel. Its part of the new YouTube integration into Google+. Something that has YouTubers complaining. While I am adapting, I’m still a little bit frustrated with how YouTube is handling it. I really hope being an early adopter will bring me success in the end.

When I started Geekazine’s YouTube, I was told only to create one channel. I had 2-3 shows which I wanted to put on their own channels, but I stuck with the premise of one channel to rule them all.

That got thrown out the Window after YouTube started integrating with Google+.

At first, I declined the forceful tactics by YouTube to merge. Mostly because I didn’t want my Geekazine YouTube channel to be associated with my personal G+ profile. About 2 months ago, Google changed it so I could connect to the Geekazine page, which I was willing to do since it lined up with my business models.

From there, my YouTube downward spiral began. My main G+ channel didn’t have a YouTube connection. Therefore, I made another YouTube channel. I was fine with that – I could post all my #throughglass stuff and anything that just didn’t work with Geekazine there.

I started thinking about the other pages I have on YouTube. I am a big proponent of getting brand names for what I start. I want “Day in Tech History” to be With Geekazine that is easy. With some of my other brands – not so much.

It has me scrambling for a name that doesn’t end in “4315”. iPad365 is already becoming a problem.

YouTube also brought another issue into the fold: you can only comment from your real name G+ account. While some find that frustrating, I am happy with change. It keeps the trolls out – especially those who “Dislike” your content because they have similar videos on the network.

My problems are that when I start a new channel, I start almost from scratch. Sure, I’m a YouTube partner and can set up monitization, but I can’t bring those 2000+ subscribers to the new channel. Worst yet, I cannot transfer the videos I have on Geekazine Youtube over to the new channel. I even have to go into the email settings again and say “don’t send any”.

Since joining YouTube with Google+, my numbers have increased on both sides. That makes me happy. The more subscribers you have, the better your channel goes over and more video views are had. However, starting from scratch might make some fans believe you stopped recording your show.

It’s going to take a new strategy for me as a content provider to use YouTube. In the end, I believe I’ll get more views from it…

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