Dell and Intel Realize Transformation Booth at Dell EMC World 2017

are being empowered with data and that and Intel are working on. From the farm, to the car, security, and more. The Realize area at Dell 2017 showed off some of the cool innovations customers can use to understand their passions and improve upon them.

Transforming the Farm

With IoT and analytics, you can map data in real time. They show a connected farm, watching over livestock and measuring temperature and water levels of crops. Millions of points of data coming in so you can know if a cow has wandered off, or your livestock prefers a certain area of land during hot/cold weather.

The IoT

In the next 5 years, we could be sending 4 TB of data to the cloud per day just by driving our cars. The BMW i8 at the booth has a Xeon processor in the back and an ATOM Processor in the front collecting data. Once 5G standards are initiated across your networks, cars like these will be on the streets.

VR Painting with

Of course, VR is big at the Realize Transformation booth. HTC is giving people the opportunity to paint in a virtual environment. They are super-imposed via green screen and given the video of them painting in VR.

RSA Holographic Challenge

Using a Microsoft Hololens, I walked through a security simulation where I’m saving the world from a cyber-attack. Of course, RSA works with companies to keep data secure in this day and age.

Dell Workstations

Of course, people will be working with the computer to collect and review data. Dell is showing off the XPS13 2-in-1Latitude 7000 series, and Precision 5520 with Dell Canvas.

Meta 2 Augmented Reality

Creating new technology can be a long process, waiting for prototypes, making changes, then sending back for testing. With Meta 2, you can design an item virtually, using your hands and the headset. Nike is using this system to design shoes, then testing them virtually to make sure the shoes will withstand all elements and terrains.

More in the Video

Of course, check out the whole area of Dell & Intel Realize Transformation area in the video. Please like and subscribe on YouTube!


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