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Dell and Intel Realize Transformation Booth at Dell EMC World 2017

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSCustomers are being empowered with data and technology that Dell and Intel are working on. From the farm, to the car, security, and more. The Realize Transformation area at Dell EMC World 2017 showed off some of the cool innovations customers can use to understand their passions and improve upon them. Transforming the Farm With IoT and analytics, you can map data in real time. They show a connected farm, watching over livestock and measuring temperature and water levels of crops. Millions of points of data coming in so you can know if a cow has wandered off, or your livestock prefers a certain area of land during hot/cold weather. The IoT BMW i8 In the next 5 years, we could be sending 4 TB of data to the cloud per day just by driving our cars. The BMW i8 at the...

Jeff Powers clean shaven

New Look for Jeffrey Powers at Geekazine

3 years ago I chose to grow my goatee out. It was going to be for a promotion that never happened (the promoter chose not to do it). Since then, I decided to grow out the goatee. It was not the first time I did that but this was the first time I let it grow this long. Now, #3YearsInTheMaking – I decided to make the change. I took off the excess and my goatee was back to a normal length. I was fine with that until… Jennifer said “I’ve never seen you clean shaven”. I thought to myself – I went this far, I can do the rest. So I shaved it all off. I figure it’ll grow back in a couple weeks. Why not give her this look now? What Happens from Here? It’s possible I’ll grow it out again. Probably not to the length I...