Ergotron Workfit-P Sit-Stand Workstation for a Healthier You

Ergotron Workfit P Workstation


I have a Workfit-D desk and I love it. I can adjust the desk at will to my needs and even stand to help stay fit. In a 8 hour work day, we can sit up to 7 hours – not counting lunch. When we stand, we promote positive blood flow and can even lower our blood pressure.

Why a sit-stand desk rather than a static desk? You don’t want to stand all the time. Even though it helps with your blood pressure, equal time can help your feet and legs from fatigue.

Some of you don’t have the space for the desk. Maybe you have a smaller area for it or it can’t freely raise and lower. Maybe you don’t even want that big of an area for your laptop or even tablet.

That is where the Ergotron Workfit P desktop comes in. You can apply it to a desk, a wall, or other surfaces. The Workfit P allows for full adjustment to your sitting or standing needs. Mount it to a wall and you can use the desk, then move it to the side.

The Workfit P adjustable can handle items up to 15 lbs. The desktop can lift 20 inches high and can go higher with accessories and depending on the height of the desk. In a wall free area you can turn the desk a full 360 degrees.

The Workfit P desk also works for writing, using as a demonstration table to a group and more. If you have a small conference room, this could replace a podium and give the presenter the ability to move the desk to the side to present.

Ergotron has patented lift they call Constant Force. The spring system allows for easy lift and release. The 360 motion allows you to get the desk out of the way if you need to.

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Pros and Cons of the Ergotron Workfit P Workstation

So we learned you can get healthier just by standing and the importance of both standing and sitting during the day. We also learned a little more about the Workfit P adjustable desk and different ways you can use it. So lets look closer to the pros and cons to owning this device.

We’ll start with the arm itself. This can require some space cleared to go up and down.You will probably also want to attach this to a thicker wood surface for it does take some pressure when moving the desk around. After all, its suspending your $1,500 laptop and needs some heavy duty springs to do so.

The table top moves really well which is great for me for I usually move my laptop back and forth to adjust my sitting patterns.

The surface is a little too smooth for my liking. Even though most laptops have rubber feet to them, some machines lose those feet and the plastic surface could make the machine slide a bit. I would like a little more secure feeling when putting the machine on it.

Speaking of which, the surface does tilt a little. This is especially why I want something with grab.

The desktop can hold a laptop and mouse comfortably. I know a few people that want smaller surface area – they don’t use a mouse so knocking out 3-4 inches on the sides could give more space when the person is sitting.

The Workfit P workstation costs under $300. If you are debating whether to get it, think of it this way – you will save yourslef $300 in doctor visits because your blood pressure is lower and you are loosing weight simply by standing a couple hours a day.

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