Geek Smack! #193: Byte is Back, Dualing Jedibots


Geek Smack! – Another episode, another group of changes. Last week’s sound wasn’t quite up to par. I have adjusted some microphones and hope it to sound a lot better. Cool news as I just got the Google Music Beta invite and YouTube is increasing ad share!

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Geek Smack! Tech News:

FBI Raids Homes in Hunt for Hackers
– NY and California Homes raided from a Ddos attack from Anonymous hacking group.
Google+ Application Available
– We’ll talk about the Huddle option
Facebook Google+ Malware Removed
– 2 malware links showed up in .
Borders Liquidating – Closing Remaining 399 Stores
– Why Borders didn’t make it.
On-Star in Best Buy July 24th
– Get On-Star in any car.
Sears Apologizes for iPad2 Price blunder
– What? They didn’t honor the $69 price on the website? Bad form, Sears…
While Spotify is Nice, Why Should I Buy
– Is there something behind Spotify, or are they giving the milk away for free?
How Apple Uses Massive Amounts of Cash to it’s Advantage
– Interesting read – Thanks to Andru and the crew!
Facebook News Application Coming
-CNN, World News
Google+ Wants Celebrities
– William Shatner got the shaft, now he’s back on Google+
Want to Buy Hulu?
– It’s for sale!

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Harry Potter – Box Office Big Numbers for Deathly Hallows pt. 2
Comics – Comic Con 11: What Fans Should Expect
Gaming – Turtle Beach Modern Warfare Headset
Jedi – Dueling Jedibot
Angry Birds – Playable Angry Birds Cake
Nyan Cat – Nyan Cat Progress Bar
Geek of the Weird – iPhone4 Survives Skydiver Drop

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: Welcome Back Byte Magazine

When I was gowing up in IT, there were a few computer periodicals I liked to get. Compute! – for the cool games – and Byte Magazine – for my incessant need for knowledge in computers.

Both of those magazines ceased circulation. Compute! in 1994 and Byte in 1998. But now, UBM has brought Byte Magazine back in an online form. Gina Smith, Editor in Chief, is working with a staff of 70 to put data into the Cloud. No word on whether Byte will come back in periodical form.

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