Geek Smack! #194: Password Vulnerability with OSX Lion using Firewire


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Angry Birds Sued by Lodsys
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Google+ Real Name Uproar
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Goodbye DVD – In Mac Mini
– I would rather have more USB ports anyway

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Health – Neil Peart Interview: Fitness Warrior
Balloon Geek – Airigami Balloon Sculptures
– 50 cases for iPhone4

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: Firewire Port Hacking Issue on Mac

If you own a Macbook and have Snow Leopard of on it, you need to be aware of the Mac Firewire Port Hacking Issue. If you leave it unattended, someone can connect up to the firewire port and grab information, including passwords. Passware, Inc, a provider of password recovery and decryption tools, announced that even if the computer is asleep, someone can pull passwords.

You need a program called the “Passwware Kit Forensic v11. It basically takes the information right from memory, then hunts for passwords.

There are ways to keep from getting zapped. Turning off computer and turn off the “Auto logon” feature. Then again, run Windows on your Mac…

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