Geek Smack! 204: Let’s Get Serious about Siri


Geek Smack! – Another great show with tons of content. Plans are all set, but I’ve been asked to make a pit-stop before BlogWorld & New Media Expo. BTW – There is still time to go to BlogWorld. Just use that code BWELA20 for 20% off.

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Smack! Tech News:

Motorola Droid RAZR 
– Shoot. I thought this was going to be a flip phone.
Blackberry Apology
– Is $100 in free applications a worthy compensation?
TouchPad WebOS 3.0.4
– HP is still updating the software.
Dropbox Grows
– Cloud drive service is more.
iPhone Finds Cheating Wife
– Oh the days of being unaccounted for are over…
Mango Keyboards Dissapear
– Small bug in Windows phones.
Gates Goes on Witness Stand for Antitrust?
– And you thought these trials were over.
iOS5 on 1/3 of iOS based devices
– Were they expecting on the phone?

Geek Smack Crap for Halloween

We look at some cool geeky costumes you can get in time for Halloween. For instance, Spy vs. Spy was a favorite comic growing up. Therefore, I would not know who to go as. The White Spy or the Black Spy. Spy vs Spy Costume
Maybe these are the robes you are looking for? I wonder if Jedi Knights have pre-issue clothing they have to wear? At any rate, get a Jedi Robe
Don’t want to go in costume? Just want to have fun with electronic toys? Then try this remote controlled Zombie.

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Accessability – Wheelchair controlled by face
Gurgitation – Egg Eating 32 Eggs
Camera – Canon 50M EOS SLR Camera
Car – DeLorean is Coming Back
Gadget – Google Self Driving Car
– Winged Robot Flies
Science – Saturn Moon may have had own Moon
Slingshot – The Extreme Slingshot Channel
Dog or Robot – PR2 Doo Doo Robot

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: Siri – Watch What You Say, Big Apple May be Listening…

Everybody has been talking about this new voice command system of Apple called Siri. At first, the shiny luster of the new toy made them giddy. But after a while, some started to complain. This isn’t working or that isn’t working. Little did they heed the “Beta” tag that even sits on top of apple’s page for Siri.

Siri works by you asking it a question or saying something, the voice recognition deciphers your voice to words, then goes to the Apple servers to get the answer or to make a command happen. It will remind you of appointments and point you in the right direction.

New data is collected to make Siri work even better. When you ask a question, what happens to that question? Is is getting collected and stored to make Siri better, or is it getting analyzed and used for something more?

Just like Facebook, I have some questions about Apple’s practices

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