Geek Smack! 223: is Hulu Changing their Service? [Video Podcast]


Geek Smack! Show Two weeks of solid travel, I have a week off, then another round of events. Only problem – my Macbook Pro drive died. Today, a friend comes back from South Africa as a married man.


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Geek Smack: Can Hulu Become a Cable Walled Service?

This week, reports of Hulu possibly changing their TOS surfaced. The service was looking at requiring a cable subscription be tied to your Hulu account for you to see certain content. If this happens, there may be a major uproar, and possible loss for the online viewing service. It might be a for cable cutters, too. Also, what would this mean to HuluPlus?

Now keep in mind, this would most likely NOT affect all of Hulu. ABC, NBC and FOX would most likely be content you could watch the next day. It’s the shows like Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart, SyFy’s Eureka and Tosh.0, along with other cable premium content.

It would actually make sense – If you have the show in your cable line-up, you would get the show on Hulu. That could poise Hulu to take over the OnDemand section on your cable box. Hulu, in return, might just get more shows to offer, like Pawn Stars and Storage Wars. American Chopper, American Pickers, and American Restoration. Dr. Drew and Workaholics.

I would actually watch the Hulu version over my cable. It would come in high-definition, as opposed to SD, which I only have cable because it didn’t cost any more than the internet connection I already have.

Now Hulu says they have been looking at this idea for a couple years now. They also say it might not happen. However, if cable channels start to pressure Hulu, you may see this come to reality. There would still be a free part of Hulu, but only if you want to watch the new episode of the Simpsons on PC 4 weeks later…

Do you have a HuluPlus subscription? Would you cancel if they did require a cable package?

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