GWP 2010-04-28 #136: Summer of Podcasts II Announcement!

This week we talk about Madness and the call for Podcasters. Also letting you know what’s going with the HP Elite 2530p contest.

This week’s X510 DataVault Drawing: Hardwaresphere

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HP Road Show; Converged Infrastructure – Win a HP Elitebook 2530p from Geekazine and SDRNews

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
Seattle Storm Sponsored by Bing
Zong is Paypal for Social Networks
Linux Planet – 12,000 Cloud Computing Deployments
Twitter Gets Cloudhopper SMS
HP to Acquire McAfee?
McAfee to Give Refunds
Windows Home Server Vail Beta
Google Fined on Defamatory Message
Twitter DCMA Tweet Takedown
Retro iPhone Dock
HP Superdome Server in a Blade
Afghanistan Solution Once We Learn How to Use PowerPoint
Sexting on the Job Can Get You in Trouble
Geekazine Geocities-ized

Video –  Cramped Apartment? Turn into a Mansion (or Tardis)
QOTW – Does the FBI have the right to seize Jason Chen’s computer?

Ted Turner: Time Warner said Google is BS in 1998
iPad Malware Attack
Sony to Discontinue Floppy Production
Gizmodo vs. Apple: Jason Chen is in Trouble
Dilbert on iPhone
FBI Suits Up on Intellectual Property
Kevorkian Van Off eBay

CES 2010 Geekazine
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