Announcing the Summer of Podcasts II contest: June 1st through Aug 31st

For Immediate Release:

Apr. 27, 2010: – – has announced the 2nd Summer of Podcasts contest. A contest that brings podcasters and together during the summer months, while giving away some great prizes.

The Summer of Podcasts contest started in 2009. The idea was simple: to help listeners find new shows and help podcasters grow their . Last year the contest was run by 15 giving 21 prizes to 125 entrants. This year, Podcast Madness hopes to have more diverse shows and a broader reach.

“I met some great people during last years contest and gained a few listeners to my shows.” Says Jeffrey Powers, organizer of Podcast Madness. “We had a great turnout and I hope to use this vehicle to really push all shows. And the best part is we are accepting all podcasts and videocasts from around the world.”

Sponsors from Wirecast (, Mozy ( and Stitcher ( have already agreed to participate in the contest. Prizes will be announced toward the beginning of the contest.  Any company that would like to participate, should contact Jeffrey Powers at [email protected] or 608-205-4378.

“Each participating podcaster will also add a prize to the list. During the 3 month contest, we will be giving prizes at the end of each month. Even the podcasters will have their names in a separate to win prizes.”

For podcasters that would like to participate, head over to and fill out the Podcaster form. Codes will be given out last week in May.

Contact Information:

Jeffrey Powers
[email protected]

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