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With over 19 , the SEV 8.0 fleece is an integrated for all your extra gadgets you might need at a moments notice. And it keeps you warm on those chilly nights!

Those who own SCOTTeVEST clothes know the major advantage: moving wires throughout pockets in the coat so you don’t have a Medusa in your pocket. And it’s not just the headphone cable in the collar. You can store phones, tablets, and even be protected by scanner hackers trying to access your data.

The SEV System 8.0 fleece is one of a two coat system you can purchase. Ultimately, both coats will give you 42 pockets to put stuff into. While I don’t have the outer shell coat, the fleece has been more than enough for my winter excursions and travel even outside the US to London and back.

Let’s talk what you can do with this coat. The sleeves zip off so this fleece can be a vest. Four outer pockets for gloves, keys, hats and more. The lower pockets even have a key ring clips so your keys can’t fall out.

These pockets even have pockets of their own. Velcro inside will reveal another pocket for small items like spare change. An elastic strap inside another pocket allows you to keep a water bottle upright.

SEV 8.0 Fleece

SEV 8.0 Fleece

Inside you have even more pockets to put items. Two window pockets for your smartphone, which are touch enabled. A pocket for your sunglasses, which comes with a retractable lens cloth to keep the scratches to a minimum.

And check this out: It’s an RFID protection pocket to put items you don’t want scanned into. While we were in London, I used this pocket for my Passport, credit cards and other valuable electronics.

Smaller pockets allow easy access for pens, ID’s, Bluetooth or USB items, small point and shoot cameras, and even the earbuds so they don’t flap around inside your .

Pros and Cons: SCOTTeVEST SEV 8.0 Fleece

A lot of online reviews talk about the zippers being a problem. I wanted to give them a good testing before I reviewed this jacket. Since the main zipper is a larger tooth plastic and a fundamental part of the jacket, I ran it through the paces.

I can say this zipper has not given me any problems. The smaller zippers are also pretty reliable. I only had one issue where the pocket zipper got caught in the material, but once worked out it was smooth sailing.

But as – CEO of SCOTTeVEST stated – there are a lot of zippers. Eventually you’ll have a problem with them.

SEV 8.0 Fleece without sleeves

SEV 8.0 Fleece without sleeves

The coat is sturdy, warm and has a system that if you have a lot of stuff in your pockets, the jacket will distribute the weight through the shoulders.

While in my travels which included heading overseas to London, I was able to stay warm during the cloudy and windy days. Even the rainy days didn’t soak the inside of the jacket, as I don’t have the outer shell.

I also could put items into my coat for easy access. From headphones to iPads – everything I needed for the flight was at my fingertips.

Two things I would love to see for the future include a place for a GoPro or other body cam, and a lanyard system for ID cards in the pocket.

The SEV 8.0 will also set you back a bit. $170 for the fleece and $300 with the outer shell jacket. But this fleece will be perfect for cold camping nights, fall football games, Winter snow days, Spring flower picking and more.

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