Podcast Ep 88 – 5-27-09 – Last Week Here


Last week in this place. I ate a lot of Brats this last weekend. Goodbye to friend ‘Supergirl’. Prep on Google Docs. Still need an iPhone App developer.

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up )
Lenovo S12 on ION
Kumo or Bing in a
The 10 TB Disc – All your music and movies on a DVD
Win 7 Netbook Strategy Rethought
iPhone Painting on cover of New Yorker
Hulu LIVE – Dave Matthews Concert is the first
Aneesh Chopra CTO – Senate approves
Apple Accepts Eucalyptus – a win for an iPhone App
Followup on Craigslist Lawsuit
Google U Libraries
Diamond Encrusted Nokia
– Palm Pre – $549

JOTW – I don’t know what I’ve been told… Vista is the Army’s Gold….

Twitter TV? – TV in 140 characters or less.
The Vista Army – What are they thinking?

QOTC – Will you or do you have a Netbook?

Will Netbooks Fail? – Will we find a Happy Medium?
Circuit City Return Policy – Be ready to give up Junior.

Red Bull Diet – Good for you?
The New Soundwave – Transformers USB 4 port hub

Steampunk PC

Bud Adjustable Workstation

Dell Mini 10v on Ubuntu, Android and XP

CES Videos – Geekazine
CMSExpo Videos – SDRNews

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