4iConcepts: Invisible Keypad – Tactile Feel to iPhone – CES 2012



iConcepts has come out with the invisible Keypad – a plastic overlay that gives your phone a tactile feel. This is perfect for people that have bigger or has a problem seeing the screen.

The invisible keypad is a full case with overlay. Where the on- displays, you will see a series of raised plastic bumps. Those are markers for your fingers.


4iThumbs 2

If you choose portrait or landscape, you will have to choose the proper insert. Just switch the plastic so you can feel the keys in .

Additionally, the invisible keypad case has a back that slides out a bit. It gives you more room to hold, so you can take a better . The plate also separates your hands a bit more so you can see the screen better.

Invisible Keypad will be available in May for $29.95

Interview by Courtney of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.

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