ActionTec MyWirelessTV HDMI Adaptors Include Cavium’s PureVu



You might not know about ActionTec, but you may have their products in your . They are the leading provider of to 3rd party companies. Now they are coming to the consumers with a great product that gives you 1080p wirelessly within 150 feet.

ActionTec announced a new line of HDMI products using the Cavium PureVu processor that allow you to push video across a . Not only video, but full 1080p video. This can push even a 3D signal across the air to your TV with HDCP 2.0 Encryption. No wires to bury in walls, still have a great picture. Now you won’t need to have a Set Top Box or Blu-Ray player next to a TV.

ActionTec HDMI Adaptor will be available soon for $200. You will get one transmitter and one receiver.

Interview by Tom Newman of Fogview Podcast

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