Chris Hansen Talks Independent Music – TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 SF



Indie bands work hard at what they do. I know – I’ve done it myself. When you create and work your venue circuits, a lot of self-promotion is involved. Therefore, if you don’t play in – let’s say – Arizona, you don’t get fans there. That is why you need a TV solution to get your out to the places you don’t travel.

That is where comes in. Artists submit their music

For the artist, we are really trying to be a voice and a promotional vehicle that they don’t have. For people (like me) that are looking for content, we are trying to be a hassle- way to license high quality music.

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BAMM finds the bands and either record them at a festival, or invite them into their studios to record 3-4 songs. It’s free to do and whatever profits are made on the net you split.

BAMM wants to create a custom playlist for people to choose from. They also work with new service providers to add music to their channels. If you get noticed by a label, then BAMM will help get you signed by that group.

While being featured on devices like Samsung, your music could be seen in over 150 countries world-wide.

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