Canon VIXIA R32, HFM52 Wireless, iPhone Tether – CES 2012 [Video]

canon VIXIA

canon VIXIA

Canon upgraded their VIXIA line of camcorders at CES 2012. 6 new models from the inexpensive R series to the higher end HFM series. Best part, they are including wireless access straight in the camera. You can move it through your wireless device. You can also tether it to your (via an app) to get the video up on the internet as quick as possible.

Jeffrey Powers talks to Ben Thomas of Canon about these great new cameras.


Improvements include the image stabilizer, which has four types of dynamic . If you place on a tripod, the stabilizer will turn off. give it a focal point, then when you move, the stabilizer will fix on the focal point to reduce shaking.

Canon also removed one of the SD (older models had 2). With built-in memory up to 32 GB, and a single slot for another 32 GB, you could record up to 24 hours of HD footage (at 720p).

Highest quality is 24 MB in AVCHD. However, you can now also switch to MP4 for direct upload to , or other services.

The has been upgraded. The screen also was switched to glass, so the touch sensitivity is improved.

Canon VIXIA HF R32 on Amazon

Canon VIXIA HF M52 on Amazon


The sensor of the HFM-52 is improved – taken right from the pro cameras. It works well in low-light situations. LUX rating of 1.2 and of 1/30th of a second. Additional shoe to connect a with 5.1 surround sound.

Scuba divers can also take these cameras up to 100 meters below water with the additional .

If you are a video like I am, these new VIXIA cameras can really up your video game without breaking the bank. The VIXIA line is only one of a few consumer that has a mic line out built in for external microphones. You can also get lens covers and filters to help with your lighting needs.

The R series starts at $349. The HFM-52 costs between $549-$749

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