Gibson 2014 Lineup – 120th Anniversary Guitars at CES 2014


Aljon and I go way back when it comes to CES. It was great to see what he and Gibson are up to for 2014. Of course its the 120th anniversary of Gibson, so we get treated to a special line of guitars with a lot of great tech that’s been added!

Gibson’s at CES was not only filled with great guitars, but all the Gibson staff were dressed up in Sci-fi attire. Aljon was dressed as Dr. Evil. Earlier in the week they parked the Delorean in the front of the and Doc Brown jumped out yelling “Great Scott!” Which brings up the question:

Did Marty McFly Play a Gibson in Back to the Future:

According to Aljon: YES! Michael J. Fox played a 1958 Gibson ES 345 custom. He went back to 58 to get the guitar and played at the Under the Sea dance.

What is New in the 2014 Gibson Guitar?

We looked at 4 different guitars that have a lot of tech advances to them, but don’t hurt Gibson’s tradition of hand-made guitars. Cryogenic treated frets that wont corrode, graph tech nuts that will help create consistent tone, and larger strap buttons to keep your strap from falling off. Along with Gibson’s Min-E Tune™ which allows you to tune your guitar simply by pressing a button and strumming, and the 120th anniversary

We looked at the 2014 , with a silk screen with his and “99” on the pick guard. The solid mahogany Les Paul tradition (1959) with 59 humbucker pickup, the SC futura with P90 sidewinder pickup, and the SG 2014 with all the hits of the SG alson with Min-E tune

Before we closed out, Aljon also showed off the Midtown signature Bass with glitter and chambered.

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