HP Storage Tech Day: StoreAll, Express Query and Storage Research at HP Labs

HP Storage Tech Day

HP Storage Tech Day

In this second part of the HP Storage Tech Day, we learn more about StoreAll, Express Query and Storage Research at HP Labs.

Richard Jacobik started us off with StoreAll and Express Query. Richard talks about how much unstructured data is out on the Internet. He notes that unstructured data is 85% of world’s data today and growing at 60%. That means with unstructured data if there was a big crash, a lot of information could be lost.

Economics, protection and extraction time are the main points behind HP StoreAll storage. Hyperscaling, structure, ultra-fast search and scale down costs for data stored over time are part of this solution. Jacobik continues on with the family of servers and architecture StoreAll contains.

Kimbery Keeton joined in to talk about Storage-related research. Since 1966, HP has been building innovation, StoreOnce being one of these innovations. Kimberly also talks about SSD storage and what happens when the system faults. Power faults, hardware failures or others.

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