Now is A Great Time to Get Deals for New Gadgets: Back to School

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Geek Smack!

Back from California and the Nth Generation Symposium. Also back from Disneyland. Amazing week meeting new people and learning about Flash storage. Jennifer got me a new office chair (since mine is falling apart slowly). We also spent some time at the pool before I bore down to create all those videos from the week before.


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Geek Smack! episode 269 Tech News:

Washington Post Bezos
buys for $250 million
Lab Grown Burger

– Hamburger grown from a lab grown stem cells. Cost – $325,000
Surface $100 Off
-Microsoft adds another $100 off the Surface RT or Pro
Comcast’s Anti-Piracy
– New process that is under lock and key to look for illegal .
3rd Party Chargers
Apple is letting you turn in that 3rd party charger for $10 off an official Apple charger
Chevy Volt
Chevrolet is discounting the Volt by $5,000
Hacked Toilet
-Smart toilet can be hacked via Bluetooth

Need a Website? Go Daddy has everything you need to get on the web!

Geekedia of the Week

World War Z
has to figure out how to reverse a severe zombie

Geek Smack! ChromeCast First Thoughts

I got my Chromecast this last week and started using it on Sunday. So far, so good, but I found myself going back to the Roku for now. YouTube and Netflix are great apps (with that 3 month membership). However, many other apps are missing that are at my on Roku, That is why I went back. 

Google Glass Update – Might be Returning for Repair AGAIN

While in Disney, I had another problem with my Glass. I thought it was a quirk but it kicked back in again. I think its an overheat issue this time. We’ll see what happens.

FreedomPop on Sprint
– FreedomPop is now pulling 4G on Sprint
Crossbar Flash Memory
– New Resistive RAM flash memory up to 1 TB and 20 times faster
LinkedIn Jobs
– It’s now easier to search for Jobs on LinkedIn mobile devices
Secure Backpack
-New $24 backpack in production with hidden pockets to keep away pickpockets
Catch Notes Closing
– iOS, Android app Catch Notes closing down as the company goes in another direction Closed
– The 500 lb gorilla got em.

Geek Smack: Technology Discounts During Back to School

It’s a great day to go get a new printer. Maybe get yourself a tablet. How about even a phone. Right now – as we get ready to send the kiddies back to school or back to college – is the BEST time to get those gadgets for the prices will be at their lowest.

So how do you get these deals? Watch social media. You may not like ads, but that Facebook featured post will most likely have a 20% discount on school supplies. Following a company on Twitter might just get you a discount on a new phone or a new tablet.

Even Apple is getting into the game – $100 credit when you buy a Mac or Buy an iPad get $50 card. You don’t save on the Mac, but you will need extras for that Mac from cases to adaptors. Samsung is offering a free Android phone with purchase of a chromebook

Brick-and-Mortar stores will especially be doing this – Follow a company like Staples or Best Buy and they’ll send you deals in your feeds.

Twitter is the best way to get great deals – just friend the company you want to follow. Even if you don’t use Twitter the rest of the year, this could be your gateway in couponing. But don’t be afraid to also watch Facebook, Pinterest and set a special search on your Flipboard or favorite search engine.

Geek Smack! is a weekly video show and podcast that comes out every Tuesday evening. Your host: Jeffrey Powers – talks tech news, IT news and geek news for the week. Geek Smack! is ©2013 under a Creative Commons no-deriv license. What’s the frequency, Kenneth? If you would like more information about what is technology, recent news, Geekazine, and Jeffrey Powers, feel free to contact him. Jeffrey Powers does interviews, just ask!

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