HP Unveils FlexNetwork: Converged Network Architecture – Interop

is here to lead change…” – Dave Donatelli, executive vice president, Enterprise SSN

On Monday, HP unveiled their new steps to Converged Infrastructure. They revealed the architecture that linked virtual servers and storage in their enterprise.

Competition, Innovation and easy management is how HP is transforming the market. With FlexFabric, FlexCampus and FlexBranch, this could be the most comprehensive and easies to use technology. A common architecture that keeps everyone on the same level.

Dave introduced the HP TippingPoint S6100N for Cloud security and the HP Center 5.For a large campus, you can now get the A10500 switch using HP Intelligent Resilient Framework. This brings 40 GbE with possibility of 100GbE across campus.

“We deliver 75 percent lower latency, 250 percent higher performance and 270 percent higher tenuity density.” Marius Hass (comparing HP’s Flex infrustructure to Cisco’s 6509 Catalist)

Marius Hass, Les Strauss talked about simplification to the system. Henry Fasterts (SHI) and Johnny Hernandez (Prime Lending) came on stage to talk about the growth of their companies and why they use HP structures.

The following is the full keynote from Monday.

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