Interview with Downtown Podcast – Bringing in the Community

Some podcasters have a and computer in a closet to create their shows. Others use a webcam and Google Hangouts. But what if you had a live audience you can play to – and also bring that audience into the show? That is what Downtown Podcast does.

I had a great opportunity to speak with a group of podcasters that are not only putting on a great show, they are doing it with the downtown Las Vegas behind them.

The Downtown Podcast is a show recorded live every Thursday night at the Ogden in downtown Las Vegas. The podcast is about the new startup scene being created in the old part of town. Entrepreneurs from all areas are creating this new community that actually is one. People helping people succeed.

The crew are creators themselves. (), Susan Hinton (), and Pawel Szymczykowski () join me on camera to talk about what it takes to put together the show. From finding guests, setup, recording, and final production for posting.

Their setup includes DSLR cameras, sliders, tripods, a bowl of fortune cookies, a Downtown Podcast Cheer (which we practiced 2 times before the show began) and a crew of volunteers. The show records on Thursdays from the Ticket Cake suite at the Ogden, then is produced over the weekend by Dylan and posted by Monday.

Before the show started, I did a # walk-through. This gives you a good idea of their production for the show.

I can tell you this was an awesome experience and a great model of how can really cross over into broadcast television content. The show’s guests really give the Downtown podcast valuable information, and the volunteer crew brings and engages the enthusiasm in the audience.

I will definitely be following these guys progress as they enter into year 2. Be sure to subscribe at

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