Jamie Davis Talks Pro Med Network, ScotteVest – #BWELA

ProMed Network

ProMed Network

joins us on ’s to talk about his network – Pro Med Network. This is a series of medical professionals that podcast. He wanted to bring other medical professionals together to provide credible information. There are 45 shows in video and audio format.

Jamie also shows off how he is podcasting this weekend. He is wearing the ScotteVest – 27 pockets so you can connect devices together. The recorder is in one pocket, the cable stretches around the back and the microphone is on the other side.  Or as Jamie says:

“It’s my weary-on” says Davis. “It’s actually the secret carry-on. You need more room – I can put as much stuff in this vest that I can put in a bag. There is even room to hold a laptop or iPad.”

We also talk about portable podcasting. Jamie reminisces how audio/visual recording has changed. From a bulky setup to something more portable.

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