J.Sperling Talks Showbiz Sandbox, Top Entertainment Industry News, Just Ask! – #BWELA

Showbiz Sandbox

Showbiz Sandbox

J. Sperling joins Jeffrey Powers for ’s to talk about the Showbox Sandbox. The show is not about the TMZ type news, but more of the “behind the scenes” show. They have two hosts and they invite. They talk with top entertainment writers from all over the nation.

We talk about the tools they use for podcasting. Audacity and Garage Band were his choices of recording. Sperling talks about  some of the great guests they had on. I asked what was his most memorable :

“Bob Boilen.” Sperling replied. “He has his own podcast called ‘All Songs Considered‘. It is one of the best podcasts around. He also a great blogger. He was kind enough to join us for the full hour to talk about the Beatles box set. He is truely a great podcaster.”

I ask Sperling on how they get the reporters to get on the show. He gave us a “nugget” of information with the answer.

Just Ask.

Call the PR department, ask to talk to the journalist. “Sometimes you get some wonderful interviews. Other times, well, they are print journalists for a reason…”

If you ask, they may turn around and ask you. Then you become an expert in your field.

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