Using Wirecast to Create Video Shows: Part 1: Introduction to Wirecast

This is a 5 part series on how to use a Switching unit to make more compelling .  Wirecast is a program that lets you switch between web cam, video cameras (connected to the computer), IP cameras, computer desktops and more. You can add graphics and multi-shot views. You can also record in H.264 and stream to popular services like ustream.


Part 1: Where to Get Wirecast, to the Wirecast Interface

The first part is a basic introduction to Wirecast. talks about where to get the , what you get when you purchase and the programs you should download to use Wirecast to the best of it’s ability. He then opens up the program and shows you all the parts of Wirecast and how you can set up your screen to optimal ability.

We look at how you can set up your screen using the layers, then save a configuration file. Jeffrey then shows the scoreboard feature, IP camera functionality and tunnel protocol.

Need Wirecast? Get Wirecast for the PC or get Wirecast for the Mac



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