vCita – Turn “Contact Me” to “Connect with Me Now”

So you have your website setup. You listen to all the ‘Experts‘ who tell you to have an engagement area on your site. But why not instead turn a “ me” into a “ with me now!” option. That is what vCita is working on, and what we got to talk to them about at TechCrunch Disrupt.

vCita simply tells people that you might be available to talk right now, or on a schedule. Instead of an email address, you can browse a person’s calendar and become more communicative.

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Many people have web presence. When it comes to those visitors that take action and contact you, we go back to that old form or email me. We want to make that . If someone gets to a website, they can immediately set up a meeting with you and then have a meeting. You could even charge them.

Ran from vCita

Ran from vCita

By putting that information up front, you might see more engagement. You can also set it up with a consultation, then set a price from that.

Going to vCita website and signing up is free. There is a pro area so they can help you schedule meetings. Best of all, it gives your customers more opportunity to give you the information you may need so you can schedule time a little better.

You also get a full page contact. That way, if you do not have a website, you get a connection page. Then you can use that page for customers.

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